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While pain is one of the main reasons we see new patients, getting rid of that pain is not our only goal. We want to help you work on preventing pain and imbalances at the same time enhancing your daily performance by offering advanced strategies to not only provide quick results, but most importantly, results that last.

Meet Our Team

Our team here at Thoracic Park is focused on making you feel better. That is why we bring multiple facets of healing to our clinic. We want our clinic to feel like a welcome place so whether you are coming in for a treatment or just want to say hi, come on in.  

Video Testimonials


Jeff and Brandi

Dr. J has been our chiropractor for the last few years. He is knowledgeable, caring, and innovative. He takes his time and really listens to what our concerns may be. While also educating us on what to do at home to continue to help fix the problem.

Amanda M.

In addition to having the best name ever, Thoracic Park also has the best chiropractor ever. Jarrett actually wants you to GET BETTER and heal, instead of wanting to make you dependent on coming back for adjustments like so many other chiropractors do. He always goes above and beyond to treat the real issue, be it spinal or muscular or whatever, and listens to you and your needs. He and Monica care about you, your health, and your family, so don't go anywhere else for chiropractic help. It sounds like I'm raving, because I am. My life is changed for the better because of them!

Spencer G.

This place by far is the best place to go for any readjustment needs. Hands down Dr. J is very informative about any issues that you have and will help you with the right steps and exercises to keep your body on track. I’ve been to multiple chiropractors, and he is the only one that has ever fixed the issue. 10/10 recommend for anyone looking to have the job done right.

Carolyn H.

Dr J is amazing!! Not only did he help me with my "carpal tunnel" that was actually a pinched nerve causing numbness in my hands, but he helped my wife and daughter over their fear of chiropractors. His bedside manner, if you will, is awesome. Him talking you through what he's doing, and being humorous, really helps calm their minds.