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About Thoracic Park

Welcome to Thoracic Park Wellness Clinic where we are proud to educate and adjust the community of Hutchinson and surrounding areas toward optimal health.

The natural state of the human body is to be healthy, which means illness, discomfort, and disease are dysfunctions. That’s why we believe that every person who wants to be healthy should have their nervous system checked by a chiropractor.

Through our constant education, yearly training, and genuine patient care Thoracic Park strives to help patients reach their God given potential. We know your time is precious, so we want to make every second count. That’s why we started a local WALK-IN CHIROPRACTIC WELLNESS CLINIC where we make your trip convenient and affordable every time. This means that no appointment is necessary, but to make this happen and to take everyone’s time into consideration we don’t accept every patient. If you have a question whether you qualify as a patient here, please contact us by phone, Facebook messenger, or come on in where we can help give you that answer.


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