Our Team

Monica Cullens

I am Monica Cullens, and I am the Office Manager here at Thoracic Park Wellness Clinic.  Yes, I am Dr. Jarrett’s wife but so much more than that.  I was born and raised here in Hutchinson with my 4 brothers, mother, and father.  As well most of my extended family lived in Hutchison on both sides and we were all very close growing up. For schooling I attended Roosevelt Elementary, Sherman Middle School and Hutchinson High School. After graduation I attended Wichita State University where I completed a degree in English Literature and Biology.   I then completed my master’s degree at WSU in English Literature as well.

 During and after school I found myself working in the restaurant industry not sure what path I wanted to take once I was out of school, and I loved it. I learned many life lessons in people, money, time management and most of how to have fun.  As luck has it, during that time I was able to find my path into Finances. I began working at a Credit Union where I stayed for 18 years.  During that time, I decided that this was my path and went back to school and obtained my MBA from Friends University.  As life would have it, we would have a little surprise in life once again and it was a beautiful little princess; she is my pride and joy and where I spend most of my time as well as energy.

 I love to read, watch movies, garden, sitting on my porch and baking. I also have a sweet kitty by the name of Moto who thinks he is a human as well.  Or maybe I should say he has us as pets because he runs the show really.  I am so excited to get to help others find out all the wonderful things we offer at the clinic and hope they enjoy them as much as my family and I do. And am very blessed to have the opportunity to get to be here with my husband.

Alli McMurry

Hello, I’m Alli McMurry. I am 28 years old and live in glorious Pretty Prairie with my 3 dogs; Parker, Ollie, and Detective. I joined Thoracic Park because I am excited to spend my days meeting and building relationships with the people of Hutch while helping them get back to a healthy and happy life style. I’ve been a server at Anchor Inn for the past 10 years and still enjoy picking up shifts on the weekends. During the summer I work part time in the clubhouse at Wedgewood Golf Course. Outside of work I’m a softball enthusiast, playing several days a week as well as traveling on weekends for tournaments. I’m also a volunteer firefighter and an active member of the Pretty Prairie Booster Club helping to put on Kansas’ Largest Night Rodeo every year in July

Keziah Cullens

My name is Keziah Cullens, and I am 5 years old. I love to play outside, swim, snuggle, play with my dolls, get dirty, and be with my cousins and family. I have a kitty named Moto and he is not always so nice to me, but I am not always nice to him either. But he is my protector and goes with me everywhere I go so I am always in his sight. One of my favorite things to do is be with my mom & dad and go to work with them at Thoracic Park Wellness Clinic. One day when I grow up, I might just be a better Dr. than my dad since I love Chiropractic and making people feel better. When you come into the office, I will be here, and I will be the one to make sure to remind you to drink lots of water and to do the Spinal Hygiene exercises my dad sets you up with. And to make you smile. If you have kids make sure to bring them in and I will for sure play with them in our kid’s area. So you don’t have to worry about them while my dad makes you all better

I am excited for you to get better in our Clinic and please remember that it is important that you also bring in your children to get adjusted as well. I know we are little, but we also need to stay adjusted for us to play to our fullest and live our best lives!